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NCAA: Changes coming for travel teams

The NCAA sent the following to travel team coaches and event operators:

Happy New Year!  This email is being sent to prepare you for some changes that are coming to the NCAA’s basketball certification process.
As you may know, federal investigations into fraud in college basketball recruiting were announced in fall 2017 prompting the NCAA to make significant changes.  The Commission on College Basketball chaired by Condoleezza Rice was established to address issues in the sport of basketball and the Commission published a report of recommend changes in April 2018.  Since that time, the NCAA has been working to incorporate these recommendations and as a result, the basketball certification process will be implementing multiple changes in 2019 in an effort to add value and create a positive impact on the basketball environment.
These changes will include:
  • Collection of more information and required Eligibility Center registration (free account will suffice) for participating athletes;
  • Adjustments to the schedule restriction requirements; and
  • Required financial transparency for all event operators and participating teams, which may require team organizations and leaders to register in the BBCS.
Adjusting technology to account for these changes has created delays in the launch of the BBCS.  As portions of the BBCS become available for your role (operator or coach), ECAG will email you so that you may begin submissions of information for the 2019 season.  At that time, we will be able to provide you with more details about the specific requirements that will impact your role as operator/coach and what additional steps you will need to complete to be compliant with NCAA requirements.  

We do NOT have more information on those topics right now.  Please do not call asking for more specific details.  As information becomes available, emails will be sent and ECAG anticipates more frequent communication than in the past.  In that regard, keep your eyes open for and be sure to read all future email communications from ECAG.  
More to follow soon.  
 signature SP
Sandra C. Parrott
Director of Enforcement – Certification and Approvals Group

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