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Frontcourt Standouts from Underclassman All-State

Some established players held serve, while others claimed their part of the map amongst a strong group of frontcourt prospects at the Bank Hoops Underclassman All-State Minicamp.

Devon Ali  6-3  So  Lansing Waverly: Like his potential because of he just seemed to unfold and look more like 6-5 around the rim. Needs to play quicker, more assertive.

Owen Dolle  6-4  So  Detroit Cass Tech: Steady and productive. Pulled off the feat of player hard without overextending himself to force things with the ball. Plays wide around the rim where he finishes and draws fouls. Steps out to take Laimbeer outside shots. He’ll have to improve his quickness and perimeter if close to done growing.

Xaviel Fields  6-4  Fr  Taylor Prep: A bunch of potential, with wingspan, bounce, enthusiasm and a dangerous shot when hot. All right hand. Had the ball in his hands a lot in games, but sometimes seemed to forget he was in the same rotation as best guard and center in camp.

Brady Flynn  6-5  So  Birmingham Seaholm: Like Bloomfield Hills senior and former camper Jacob Hecker, Flynn is another blue-collar 4 from the burbs. 6-5 with fundamental chops will take you a long way at 15. He consistently out-worked and out-produced seemingly more talented opponents with feel, confidence and execution. Ran the floor hard and finished the break in more than just the simplest approaches. Looks ready to step in and give Seaholm 10 and 10.

Markese Hastings  6-4  So  Godwin Heights: Godwin is the defending state champion in Class B, and with the depth of young talent they had at camp don’t expect the Wolverines to slip any time soon. Two of them were long, athletic, forward converting to wing types, Hastings and Avery Moore. Hastings used his physical advantage on the defensive end, in drills and games. Decent looking form on his shot even when it wasn’t falling.

Isaac Hungerford  6-2  Fr  DeWitt: Watch out for DeWitt in the coming years. Luke Hyde and Tanner Reha both made the camp’s All-2018 team, and Hungerford wasn’t that far off for 2019. All three are plus athletes and already know how to play hard. Hungerford has a nose for the ball and keeps plays alive. He’s an athletic scorer on the baseline and offensive glass, and was also able to pass after he put it on the floor.

Danny Kolp  6-8  So  Petoskey: It’s easy to understand why those really watching him for the first time would come away so impressed by Kolp. His combination of length, bounce, speed and skill is rare. He beat other bigs down the court for dunks in games, and was aggressive at the rim in drills too. Needs to keep building his post game and strength. He’s a D1 player, it’s up to him to find the level. By 2020 Kolp could be the best player in this class. The next Gordon Hayward, or the next Steve Polonowski?

“Look at him as a long-term stretch 4 or small forward,” a coach said. “He can handle it, has good athleticism and range. Uses his long arms to his advantage. He was dunking with authority in drills.”

Avery Lewis  6-5  So  Ann Arbor Huron: He was an x factor guy for the very good Gators 15U AAU team, and showed that same versatility here. The kind of guy who will get you a quiet 15 and 10. He isn’t yet as explosive or skilled as his older brother Mike, who was a standout forward for Huron, but is already bigger. Left-handed and passed it well in traffic. Most effective scoring when facing up to drive. Uses width and leverage defensively and to rebound.

“Big strong body that goes to work,” a coach said. “Quintessential workmanlike big that you want on your team.”

Avery Moore  6-3  So  Godwin Heights: This was about the time you looked at the roster and could only shake your head, Godwin has another one? Lots of energy on the boards. Has the makings of a shooter with right release point and arc.

Tristen Mysen  6-6  So  Oxford: He competed and succeeded in drills which at times were a murderer’s row of some of the state’s top young forwards. Not the most explosive, his athleticism manifests more in balance and dexterity, which show this his inside scoring game and comfort with the ball out on the court. Working on his wing game, Mysen showed a strong first step now he has to figure out what to do once he covers all that space.

“Rebounder!,” a coach said. “And can run the floor. Not bad around the rim but needs to improve offensive game. He does that — up and up.”

Jacob Polakovich  6-7  So  Grand Rapids Catholic Central: Some good things to work with here, could see him becoming a GLIAC post recruit like former camper Cole Walker, now at Ferris State. Plays with a good base in the post, has a decent touch and will kick it back out to shooters. Needs to get deeper position more often to take advantage of his post game. Polakovich needs to work on his pivot foot because he’s effective as screener, passer and shooter from up top. In that same area defensively needs work, reading screens, hedging.

Kyle Stockmeyer  6-1  So  Reese: He played two ages up in AAU so Stockmeyer wasn’t fazed by the competition. Good passer. Wingspan allowed him to defend taller players and extend to finish around the rim. Found a body when rebounding. Could get into trouble when driving inside when there was a lot of athleticism and size.

Sage Walker  6-7  Fr  Ithaca: One of the top bigs in the 2019 class. He doesn’t guard the rim as well, but in physique and skills is reminiscent of Thomas Kithier at the same age, no faint praise. Another coach compared him to Seth Dugan. Sage’s dad, Mike Walker, was a 6-11 center from Oscoda who came out in the state’s legendary class of 1991 to play at Evansville and CMU. The younger Walker has a face-up, jab-step game from the elbows and usually kept the ball high.

Tyler Whisman  6-4  Fr  Jackson Western: He looks varsity ready. From behind it was easy to mistake the sturdy frame of Whisman’s with another 2019 forward Sean Cobb. Good in transition, defensive as well. Moves like he’ll end up as a wing or even guard.

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