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All-State Camp II: MVPs

What they lacked in height and age, they made up for in burgeoning talent and hard work, the MVPs of the Bank Hoops Underclassman Camp II.

Detroit Renaissance ninth-grader Lance Stone.

2025 MVP  Lance Stone  5-7  Fr  Detroit Renaissance: He played well at the first underclassman camp and that carried over here, and more. Like another recent freshman point guard camp MVP, Grand Blanc’s RJ Taylor three years ago, he beat you with the shot or pass, and which of those two was much more likely to be Stone’s decision than dictated by the defense. Couldn’t leave Stone open from 3, but if not that he had a bunch of shooters to set up, which he did willingly. A slick and strong one-handed passer. Creative finisher who could double-clutch and convert regularly shots from crazy angles with high degrees of difficulty. Feel and flow of a true point guard. Good arc on his shot, though needs more lift and a true J. Slated to start in one of the state’s best leagues, and appears to have the chops for it already.

Lansing Waverly eighth-grader Keshaun Summerville.

2026 MVP Keyshaun Summerville  8th  Lansing Waverly: Court demeanor and confidence of a kid who has already played a lot of ball, and in this kind of environment before. Really soft touch from various spots on the floor, and didn’t need to dominate the ball to keep a hot hand. Fluid and athletic. Moved easily between playing with or without the ball. Dangerous on the break looking ahead with the pass or pulling up for the 3.

Detroit U. Prep Science & Arts seventh-grader Jaidyn Martin.

2027 MVP Jaidyn Martin  5-6  7th  Detroit U. Preps Science & Arts: The seventh-grade contingent was talented and hard-working. Many of them shined in drills. But when it went live with older, bigger players, the sledding got tougher. Managing that course most readily and consistently was Martin, who wasn’t bullied off the ball and was able to get into the lane and get easy looks and finishes for teammates. Had a highlight assist off a spin-dribble and dish off.


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