Podcast: Making Some Sense of Early AAU Scene

Slow EYBL start for Family, but 15U one of nation’s best.

The Elite impresses early; Mustangs in flux.

More Michiganders in the EYBL; 1Nation.

The best unaffiliated 17U, 16U teams in Michigan.

5 thoughts on “Podcast: Making Some Sense of Early AAU Scene”

  1. Hahhahahahahaha, Mustangs are in flux, why would say that about the winning team. The Mustangs beat The Family and 1 nation, with two 16U players. Who both played major minutes in every game. Joe Moon(led team in assist) and Caleb Bates(lead the team in rebounding), both sophomores who didn’t play like they were 16.

  2. Not sure of all of players ages, and I don’t knew all the rules but were those so called 19U players playing in the wrong division? If so, then i will take my statement back. I was going for shamless pub for those 2 guys.

    1. Those young guys played fine. The overall point was that for the second year the Mustangs have had an elite 16U team dissolve before olaying 17U, so far from the program’s golden age.

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