Michigan Player Rankings

Rankings remain fluid.

Class of 2012

  1. Denzel Valentine  6-5  Lansing Sexton  Michigan State/Bulls
  2. Matt Costello  6-9  Bay City Western  Michigan State/D League
  3. Bryn Forbes  6-3  Lansing Sexton  Michigan State/D League (Spurs)
  4. Chris Hass  6-5  Pellston  Bucknell/Europe
  5. Boo Man Edmonds  6-4  Lansing Eastern  Western Kentucky/Europe
  6. Anthony Clemmons  6-1  Lansing Sexton  Iowa
  7. Kyle Cooper  6-7  Novi Catholic Central  Hillsdale
  8. John Simons  6-8  Cadillac  Central Michigan
  9. Connar Tava  6-6  Warren De La Salle  Boston College
  10. Coreontae DeBerry  6-9  Holland  Cincinnati/D League

Class of 2013

  1. Kay Felder  5-9  Detroit Pershing  Oakland/Cavaliers
  2. James Young  6-7  Rochester  Kentucky/Celtics
  3. Monte Morris  6-2  Flint Beecher  Iowa State
  4. Derrick Walton  6-1  Chandler Park Academy  Michigan
  5. Vincent Hunter  6-8  Detroit Consortium  UTEP/D League
  6. EC Matthews  6-4  Romulus  Rhode Island
  7. Paris Bass  6-8  Birmingham Groves  Detroit/Europe
  8. Lorenzo Bonam  6-3  Dearborn Heights Robicahud  Utah
  9. Jalen Hayes  6-7  Lansing Sexton  Oakland
  10. Jonathan Williams  6-3  Southfield-Lathrup  Toledo

Class of 2014

  1. Yante Maten  6-8  Bloomfield Hills  Georgia
  2. Edmond Sumner  6-4  Detroit Country Day  Xavier
  3. Jaylen Johnson  6-8  Ypsilanti  Louisville
  4. Justin Tillman  6-7  Detroit Pershing  VCU
  5. Cameron Morse  6-2  Flint Carman-Ainsworth  Youngstown State
  6. Zach Hankins  6-10  Charlevoix  Ferris State
  7. Kyle Steigenga  6-5  Holland Christian  Cornerstone
  8. Kris Clyburn  6-6  Romulus  UNLV
  9. Kenny Goins  6-7  Warren Mott  Michigan State
  10. Darrell Davis  6-4  Detroit Douglass  Dayton

Class of 2015

  1. Deyonta Davis  6-10  Muskegon  Michigan State/Grizzlies
  2. Eric Davis  6-3  Saginaw Arthur Hill  Texas
  3. Jaylin Walker  6-2  Romulus  Kent State
  4. Trevor Manuel  6-10  Lansing Everett  Loyola Marymount
  5. Seth Dugan  7-0  Otsego  Western Michigan
  6. Mike Edwards  6-10  Westland John Glenn  Georgia
  7. Brad Brechting  6-10  Cedar Springs  Oakland
  8. Nick Perkins  6-8  Milan  Buffalo
  9. Corey Redman  6-5  Boyne City  Central Michigan
  10. Rob Edwards  6-2  Detroit Cass Tech  Cleveland State

Class of 2016

  1. Cassius Winston  6-1  Detroit U-D Jesuit  Michigan State
  2. Austin Davis  6-10  Onsted  Michigan
  3. Corey Allen  6-3  Ypsilanti  Detroit
  4. Karmari Newman  6-4  Detroit East English Village  George Mason
  5. Brailen Neely  5-9  Detroit Western  Oakland
  6. Spencer Littleson  6-3  Rochester Adams  Duquesne
  7. Danny Pippen  6-8  Sr  Detroit Allen  Kent State
  8. Kevin McKay  6-4  Warren De La Salle  Central Michigan
  9. Innocent Nwoko  6-11  New Haven  Central Michigan
  10. Jason Williams  6-0  Detroit Allen  East Tennessee State

Class of 2017

  1. Jamal Cain  6-7  Detroit Cornerstone  Marquette
  2. Greg Elliott  6-4  Detroit East English Village
  3. Xavier Tillman  6-8  Grand Rapids Christian  Michigan State
  4. Isaiah Livers  6-8  Kalamazoo Central  Michigan
  5. Amauri Hardy  6-3  North Farmington  Oklahoma State
  6. Dylan Alderson  6-5  Clarkston  UW-Milwaukee
  7. Jermaine Jackson  5-9  Macomb Dakota
  8. Jaron Faulds  6-10  Holt  Columbia
  9. Greg Eboigbodin  6-8  Detroit U-D Jesuit  UIC
  10. Ike Eke  6-10  Detroit U-D Jesuit  Marquette

Class of 2018

  1. Brandon Johns  6-9  East Lansing
  2. Thomas Kithier  6-8  Macomb Dakota  Michigan State
  3. Foster Loyer  5-11  Clarkston  Michigan State
  4. Trevion Williams  6-8  Henry Ford Academy
  5. Duane Washington  6-3  Grand Rapids Christian
  6. David Dejulius  6-1  Detroit East English Village  Michigan
  7. Lamar Norman  6-2  Godwin Heights
  8. Brandon Wade  6-1  Ann Arbor Skyline
  9. Gabe Brown  6-7  Belleville
  10. Danny Kolp  6-9  Petoskey

Class of 2019

  1. Romeo Weems  6-5  New Haven
  2. Terry Armstrong  6-5  Davison
  3. Taylor Currie  6-9  Clarkston
  4. Mark Watts  6-2  Detroit Old Redford Academy
  5. Caleb Hodgson  6-9  Dansville
  6. Harlond Beverly  6-2  Southfield Christian
  7. Nolan Foster  6-10  Mattawan
  8. Sean Cobb  6-6  Williamston
  9. Jalen Thomas  6-9  Detroit U-D Jesuit
  10. Drew Lowder  5-10  Ann Arbor Pioneer

Class of 2020

  • Lorne Bowman  6-1  Detroit Western
  • Maliq Carr  6-6  Oak Park
  • William Dunn  6-6  Quincy
  • Wendell Green  5-10  Detroit Country Day
  • Carlos Johnson  6-6  Benton Harbor
  • Steve Pearson  6-2  Detroit Northwestern
  • Kevin-David Rice  6-3  Goodrich
  • Jalen Terry  6-2  Flint Beecher
  • Jarvis Walker  6-0  Muskegon Mona Shores
  • James Wilburn  6-4  Mt. Morris

21 thoughts on “Michigan Player Rankings”

  1. How do you have David Dejulius ranked 8th in the 2018 class when he was 1 of 2 freshman to make all state 1st team?

  2. How is Beecher’s Malik Ellison not on the Class of 2017 list? Back to Back State Champion. All-State Class C Player of the Year! Loss a total of 7 games in 3 years!

  3. Very interesting rankings… How often do you actually see all of these players to rank them, because I am puzzled by many of these, in particular, how/why is David DeJulius ’18 is still ranked 6th???

    1. Have seen them all multiple times in high school and AAU. And have coached against most of them. I saw DeJulius as recently as this past Saturday in Grand Rapids. Why is he sixth? Because he’s one of the best players in the state. Should he be lower?

      1. To answer your question, neither should David DeJulius be ranked lower than sixth, nor lower than third; as Thomas, Foster or Trevion are not as “college-ready” as Dav. In fact, Trevion is more skilled than Thomas, but his joule level is in question, and his school team is fledgling… In addition, Dylan is arguably more college-ready than Jamal… Additionally, Jack Ballantyne arguably has the highest “skill-to-height ratio” in the state, thus better than Thomas right now, but where is in your rankings??? And where are the West Bloomfield guards??? I just think if your “rankings are fluid”, then the kids deserve an update, unless it’s a ploy for you to strategically reserve updates to generate demand for your quarterly scouting report subscription. Just curious…. Constructively speaking, APB

        1. Ballantyne is a year older than Kithier, but a HOF coach has offered Kithier (and Williams) a scholarship, whereas Jack’s only high major offer is high major in name only, to the disaster that is Boston College. He’s too heavy footed to play at the Big Ten level.

          The West Bloomfield guards are ranked. Just not in the top 10.

          College ready can mean more than physically. Efficiency is king. That’s why Duane Washington is ranked ahead of DeJulius, more efficient. And long term, he has NBA bloodlines. Genes matter.

          Hundred reports a year to college coaches hardly qualify as “quarterly.” In fact, simple numerical lists in lieu of actual scouting reports aren’t allowed per the NCAA. Which is why they’re here for public consumption.

  4. Class of 2016??? James Towns, plays in two title games wins one, currently playing D1 ball, and not ranked??? Kid from New Haven gets blown out by Towns head to head doesn’t average over 5 in any stat at 6’11… please help me understand this???

      1. Yeah for grades not because of his play he leads the state in scoring and could average 8 assists with a better supporting cast.

  5. Mr.Bell I get the offer thing I understand my son is 5’8 but Malik Ellison has the best winning percentage and more titles than any of those players and head to head against the top players he either out performed them or was right there with them. He either beat them or it was a close loss and he’s in a small class C school playing against the Top class A schools with more talent. A lot of these rankings are based on size and offers not the players skills and winning. Malik average 24 against the top class A teams in his career not just one year. He’s on the Mr. Basketball watch list and some of these players are not even on there. How can some of these guys be 6’8 + and don’t average at least 18 points a game. Come on Man.

    1. I agree with Mike….Malik is one of the most underrated players in the state. I go to 35-40 games a year recruiting for my AAU team here in Michigan and I have watched Malik lead Beecher back in 4 of the games seen him. Also some other guards that are not even listed are the Brewster brothers from Flint Hamady. These 3 guys could be the starting point guards for any division 1 or 2 school of their choice!!! I see these guys like Tom Brady being drafted in the 6th round….they are diamonds in the rough.

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