Bank Hoops Camps

 Bank Hoops Underclassman All-State Camp:
July 29 2017 Lansing
Bank Hoops All-State Camp:
September 24 2017 Lansing


Fill out the following form to register for a camp.

After filling form and submitting, payment can be made toward your registration using the Paypal interface below.

Bank Hoops Services Pay Here

32 thoughts on “Bank Hoops Camps”

  1. Can you please confirm that my son is registered to participate in Friday’s Bank Hoops All-Midwest Underclassman Camp? He will be bring a check to pay at the door.

    Thanks, Bryan

  2. I’m not having success with the Paypal button. Want to make sure that Thomas Cook is registered for the September 25, 2016 Lansing Camp. If so, can he pay at the door? Thanks!

  3. Similar comment to above. Can you confirm that Reid Sellers is registered?

    Also, I couldn’t get PayPal link to launch so we will pay at the door as well.

    1. On second try I was able to get the PayPal link on the left side of the page to work. Reid Sellers should be paid.

  4. I was unable to get paypal link to work…please advise how to pay and confirm Ben Schultz’s registration please.



    1. So I was able to click the paypal button under a different camp, and appear to have successfully paid the $100 for Ben Schultz’s attendance. Unless I hear otherwise, I will assume he is all set for the Sept 25th camp.

  5. Hi Steve:

    I just wanted to confirm that Ian is signed up and that his payment was received for the Sept. 25 Bank Hoops Camp. Thank you so much!! Looking forward to it!!

    Best regards,

    Abbey Clancy

  6. Dear Mr.Bell,
    My name is Jasjeet Singh and I was wondering if I’m signed up for the camp at Aim High on 9/25/2016 and is it possible if I could pay at the door?

  7. Hey Mr. Bell this is AJ Crawford from New Haven High School. I wanted to attend the college workshop but, I’ve recently sprained my ankle and still wanted to attend to get the information. My coach wanted to know if i still had to pay? If so, is it to late to sign up?

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