Underclassman Camp: All-2017 Team

MVP  Austin McCullough  6-3  So  Portage CentralSharing a name with Steve Earle's best song would be reason enough to favor him. But McCullough did it all on merit. This was his first Bank Hoops camp, but he quickly grasped the ethos and worked hard in drills and games. Do-it-all rebounding, running wing who plays like Taylor Perry at the same age. McCullough was patient for things to open up ...

All-Spring Camp Team 2014-15

Class of 2015 All-Camp Team MVP  Jalen Fykes  6-3  Jr  Flint HamadyJunk Yard Dog swingman who produces more like 6-6 on the glass. He plays like a player of the same name, Jalen Adams. Could shoot to 20 with good rotation, but lacked arc."Best pure athlete at camp," a coach said. "Caught a lob over the backboard on a baseline inbound and almost broke the rim. Very scrappy defender. Needs to im...

GVSU: All-Camp Team

2015 MVP  Mikhail Myles  6-3  Sr  East LansingThe camp's highlight maker before going down late with a hamstring injury, which had slowed him at the beginning of the AAU season. Really long with great legs, finishes above the rim, and really attacks it. True jumpshot that hits often enough that Myles is a tough all-around cover; very good from range when he has time to set up. Terrific de...

Bank Hoops Class C All-State 2014

Class C Player of the YearColin Lake  5-7  Sr  Ottawa Lake WhitefordA significant scoring threat the past three seasons, Lake was particularly prolific as a senior. He topped 40 points six times, including a career-best 47 in last week's regional final against Detroit Consortium. Lake averaged 31.8 points, 2.3 assists and 4.8 steals per game. His 1,925 career points are the most in Monroe ...

Bank Hoops All-State Minicamp September 21
Bank Hoops - Camps

Michigan's longest-running college exposure event, the 10th-annual Bank Hoops All-State Minicamp, will be held Sunday, Sept. 21 at The Cage in Swartz Creek. Boys' players in grades 9-12 will be drilled and compete in games in front of coaches from NCAA Division 2 & 3, NAIA and junior college programs. This year's camp will be held Sunday, Sept. 21 at The Cage in Swartz Creek, Mich. To register click here, for more information read below.

More Soph Standouts from Underclassman Camp
Bank Hoops - High School

Matt Beachler  6-2  So  Lowell
It was the end of a whirlwind week for Beachler which saw him win a 15U title in Las Vegas with the Mustangs and visit CMU to pick up his first D1 offer. Which led to Beachler not being on his A stuff as one of the state's top 10 2017 prospects, and with legendary shooting performances in camps past. Still all the tools were there and he was better in drills than games.

"Beautiful looking shot, but didn't take it very often unless open," a coach said. "Needs to play hard all the time and understand 2017 is a long way away." 

Noah Erxleben  6-1  So  Harbor Springs
Smart and efficient offensively, found space and knocked down shots all day long. Solid but yet explosive or creative with the ball.

"Set shooter who was deadly from the corner," said one coach. "Can put it on the deck going right, but needs to work on the left."

Jawuan Griffin  6-0  So  Belleville
His name looms large in Belleville basketball history, as Griffin looks to make a mark of his own. Aggressive guard who was especially dangerous when stepping into his shot, dangerous when in rhythm. The hotter his touch, the harder he played. Needs to work on angles and delivery when passing in the halfcourt.

Further 2018 Standouts From Underclassman Camp
Bank Hoops - High School

Cody Blankenburg  5-6  Fr  Lansing Sexton
Transitioning from youth phenom to high school player. Can navigate traffic and finish through contact. Good handle but needs to keep the ball hotter, not sit on his dribble. Having coaches like Carlton Valentine and Ray Mitchell at Sexton bodes well for his future.

"Scrappy guard who doesn't seem to mind mixing it up with just about anyone," a coach said. "Can knock down the open shot and was one of the best on-ball defenders at the camp. Sometimes got caught inside with nowhere to go due to over-penetration." 

Braiden Childress  6-3  Fr  Baldwin
Rare combination of size and skills for his age, much bigger than his all-state brother Brandon was going into high school. Lack of toughness and hustle are more in line with his age, doesn't understand playing hard which he'll have to if Baldwin has March aspirations. 

"High IQ to go along with a man-sized frame," a coach said. "He plays well in a halfcourt set or transition. Finishes at the rim with either hand and makes the right pass when things close down. Nice looking shot from 19 and in, but it turns into a bit of a push as he moves behind the are. Very strong rebounding guard who isn't afraid to lead the break. Plays tough on D but struggled at times to stay in front of smaller and quicker guards."

Randy Frison  5-2  Fr  Romulus
Another off the Romulus guard assembly line, just in miniature. Competed the whole day. Quick release and nice arc on his shot, and knew how to get it off at his size.

"Little guy, BIG heart!," a coach said. "Played hard all the time. Has a nice handle and is deadly from 3, as most kids from Romulus seem to be. Will be a solid guard as he matures."

Underclassman Camp: All-2018 Team
Bank Hoops - High School

MVP  Pierre Mitchell  5-10  Fr  Detroit Loyola
Everything you want from a young point guard in terms of both talent and instincts. Always in attack mode putting pressure on the defense, and even made good decisions when it looked like he was going too fast. Potentially the kind of guard you can build Breslin runs around in Class C.

"Heady and tough point guard who got to the rim at will, as no one player at the camp could stay in front of him," a coach said. "Finished a variety of ways when help didn't come and found the open shooter when help did. Deadly in an open court fast-paced game and poised enough to slow things down when the numbers weren't in his favor. Teammates seemed to like playing with him. Streak shooter who needs to work on consistency in his form from long range in order to get more consistent results. Defends and plays the passing lanes very well, but feel like he could be more aggressive on the ball."

Jake Lee  6-4  Fr  Petoskey
He played two ages up in AAU, so more than held his own against 2017 kids here. The refs let 'em play inside which was to Jake's advantage as he piled up deuces via put-back and had two games topping 30 points. He had to shoot 70 percent from the field -- and probably rebounded and scored half of the remaining 30 percent. Lefty shot makes him an even tougher cover. He's fundamentally advanced and productive, but still so young you have to project a high ceiling. Petoskey is trending to be a top 10 team in 2016 and Lee will be a big part of that. He could be the next Sean Sheldon out of Northern Michigan.

"Runs like a deer in both offensive and defensive transitions," a coach said. "Has enough skill to lead the break off a rebound if he sees daylight or finish on the move. If he doesn't get it on a rim run in transition he immediately looks to post seal the first guy he sees in an attempt to create a passing angle. He and (2017 Fowler Jeremy) Pung were the best post sealers and back-to-the-basket guys at camp, and with a few more pounds Lee's seal will be even better. Sometimes he could be muscled off the block. Rebounded strong on both ends. An improved jumper and this kid could be a matchup nightmare."

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